(The short version: Chadwick & Sarah were sent by the Free Methodist Church to join the ministry happening in Győr, Hungary. From early 2019 to 2021 they gladly went to help develop & serve the ministries along with those already serving. In mid-2021 they transitioned out, as full pastoral leadership was handed over to Pastor Sylvia – a local Hungarian God had raised up during their time in Hungary.)

We are the Anderson Family of 6: Chadwick & Sarah and our 4 daughters.  We love Jesus, and desire to be a family that continues to be actively shaped by His Love as we offer Him our home for Kingdom purposes.

Most recently, that means we had accepted a call to join the Kingdom work happening in the name of Jesus in Győr, Hungary.  We say “join”, because Jesus has been at work in that area for a long time already.  Christianity itself has been around, and even the “official” religion for over 1,000 years.  Hungary is a central location in Eastern Europe – and so many conflicts over the years have clashed here, scarring the land and the people.

Most recently, the Hungarian revolution against communism of the late 1950’s, and finally the release from “official” communism around 1990, have led to almost 30 years of rebuilding and rediscovering an identity as “free” people.  But the impact of communism remains a strong force of influence; with pressures to perform and self or family worth coming from what can be achieved on human efforts.  Combined with such a historic “official” identity of Christian, has led to many huge ancient churches – beautiful inside and out, but often empty.  Freedom from communism has led to willful captivity to forces of human achievement.Photo Feb 22, 8 42 54 AM

Many of these are the same pressures and oppressive forces we’ve proclaimed Freedom from in Christ, in pastoral ministry since 2003.  We believe the “means of grace” often talked about by John Wesley can still offer much to a culture and people like Hungary.  We contniue to offer our home and family to being an imperfect “means of grace” wherever and however God directs us.

Thanks for visiting, and feel free to check out our most recent blog posts!  If you, your family, or your church would like to partner with the continued work in Hungary or in prayer – please check out the details on the Free Methodist World Missions page!


Chadwick & Sarah


“Wick” Anderson holds a BA in Youth Ministry from Olivet Nazarene University, and an MDIV from Wesley Seminary at IWU. He has been in full-time pastoral ministry since 2003. He loves to help the Word of God speak in ways that transform, connect in worship creatively, and help all God’s people understand just how precious they are to the Kingdom. Wick is a bit of a nerd, and you can read more of his nerdiness from years’ past at: https://wickandersonwrites.com

Sarah Anderson holds a BS in Education from Olivet Nazarene University and over 15 years of teaching experience at many levels, and is pursuing a Master’s Certificate in Spiritual Direction. She has a great heart for communicating the welcome of God in hospitality, joining others in worship, and seeing lives changed by His Love.

As individuals, as a married couple, and now as a family of 6 – we have been transformed by the Love and Grace of God as experienced in Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit. We look forward to continuing that, even as we offer ourselves to join His work in new ways!